The Masimo Foundation for Ethics, Innovation, and Competition in Healthcare is committed to advancing positive change for the benefit of clinicians and patients everywhere.

We support programs, initiatives, and research designed to improve patient safety and outcomes, promote efficient and cost-effective healthcare delivery, and provide advanced healthcare to people worldwide who may not otherwise have access to lifesaving technologies.

We focus our resources in areas where we can make the most significant difference, with special attention on organizations that share our belief that innovation, ethical conduct, aligned incentives, and healthy competition are integral to improving the quality, access, and cost of healthcare worldwide. We are most interested in bold ideas that seek to transform patient care and healthcare delivery systems.

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2018 World Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit Continues to Build Momentum Towards
ZERO Preventable Deaths by 2020

Our sixth annual Summit brought together leaders from healthcare organizations, industry, the patient advocacy community, and public policy makers to discuss solutions to the leading challenges causing preventable death in hospitals.

This year we were proud to announce that more than 4500 hospitals have committed to ZERO by 2020 and 83 healthcare technology companies have signed an Open Data Pledge. Committed hospitals report that more than 81,500 lives annually are now being saved.

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